Organized in 1988 by parents who were members of a food cooperative who had concerns about their children in special education not being able to find employment after high school. Services are provided based on the philosophy that every person needs rich and fulfilling relationships, meaningful work and has the right to discover the niche that helps them to make their unique contribution to their family and community.

People Served

Long Life serves people who live with disabilities: intellectual, developmental, physical, and emotional disabilities

–Single and married couples individuals living independently

–Individuals living with parents, siblings, or significant others

–Individuals and couples with developmental disabilities who have children with or without disabilities

–Parents and siblings of individuals with developmental disabilities

Services to Individuals

Person centered service plans are developed to assist individuals identify and prioritize the actions they must take to meet their needs for the basics in life and aggressively pursue their dreams for their desired future. A holistic approach is used to assess the existing skills and supports available to the person and their family. A living, breathing, and ever evolving plan is formed using existing  and newly discovered resources to create new opportunities

Services to Families

When the Consumer lives in a household with family members or a significant other, if the Consumer chooses, the family member(s) can be included in the planning process. Young adults that Long Life staff work with are often adamant about their independence.  Long Life staff work hard to balance sensitivity to the family’s concerns with the support, guidance, and coordinated services that will help the Consumer enjoy the benefits of employment, independent living, personal growth, and inclusion in the community.