About Us

Long Life Information and Referral Network was formed in 1987 by parents and community activists. The organizers were from the education committee of the Bed-Stuy based Uhuru Food Cooperative. They were concerned about the lack of genuine opportunities for their children who graduated from high school with special education diplomas to get employment and live productive independent lives.

These activist parents laid the groundwork for what was to become an institution that provides services, information, and referrals for families living with the challenge of nurturing, protecting and providing guidance for their loved ones who have cognitive, physical, emotional and developmental disabilities.

These parents and community organizers worked collectively to shape the WORKLINK PROGRAM and began to assist youth and young adults gain entry to the world of work using the Place-Train Model of Supported Employment.

There is more to independent living then just having a job. To better assist individuals in the work link program, we began providing ancillary services like self-advocacy training, service coordination, recreational services, respite services, supported housing, arts and cultural events, and an art social enterprise.

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